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Lightweight shooting bags are an essential tool for any precision rifle competitor or enthusiast looking for a solid foundation when it really counts. Our large pillow is essential in filling the void when shooting from any number of positions a shooter might encounter and doubles as a great front rest foundation. Our small rear bag is very versatile, can be used as a rear rest for lining up solid hits, stretched over a scope for a solid barricade rest, or added to the large bag for even more support when needed.

These bags are a cost effective addition to your tool bag for matches, hunting, or bench shooting. Made with only the highest quality materials.
  • Super lightweight and guaranteed for the normal life of the product for any reason.
  • Top-offs are available upon request for a minimal fee.
  • Cordura 1000D
  • Small Bag - 9"x6"x3"appx
  • Large Bag - 11"x9"x6"appx
  • Double Stitched reinforced corners, mil-spec buckles, bungee cord pulls, very durable bags.